The 25th anniversary of the emblematic Ned-cars Coupé will be held on the 1st weekend of June. All Volvo cars, built in Göteborg, Gand, Born, or wherever, all shapes and sizes, ages, are welcome to join in the party.

The festivities will take place on the rough roads and tracks of the Verdun Battle. In the course of the rally you will discover a part of last century’s history. In the heart of once razed but since regrown forests, protected sites dating back to World War I are awaiting discovery, along with the forts, the trenches and also the Renaissance town of Bar-le-Duc and the winding roads of the Meuse region, with its amazing countryside.

Ready... set... go!

The Rally

During the two days of rallying, you will discover with a road book, your car, and your team the depths of the Lorraine region. With no imposed timing, just a little observation and reflection, the answers to the quiz will be found in each visit, town or tradition you encounter throughout the rally. Regular breaks will allow the whole family to take part comfortably, with questions for all ages, and in everyone's language as necessary.

The Visits

Only the guided tours will be at fixed times, but the rally will be organised so that everyone gets to see everything without hurrying (only 65km per day). All of the tours are affordable, and open to children (we will specify the ones which may be difficult for the more sensitive of us), guided or not, the sites we will be visiting are run either by professional organisations, or by private associations. You will discover much more than cars and vestiges of WWI, you will learn a lot more about the geology, architecture, patrimony, countryside, etc.

Accommodation and meals

Depending on the numbers, the association will organise the accommodation and food for everyone. Each meal will be at a site of interest. For example, the Friday lunchtime will be in the form of a picnic, so that everyone can meet up. You will all be invited to bring along your local specialities so as to let everyone discover your region or country. So that you don't need to organize things yourself, we suggest you register as soon as possible so that we can take care of a maximum amount of participants. Of course, no one will be left out, and we will send you a list of camp sites and hotels which will give you a discount.

The Atmosphere

The meeting will take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, as we are all brought together by the same passion : cars ! The rally consists of a daily quiz, and a roadbook, which you will get marks for. A prize will be given to the best team, whatever car they have. Please feel free to “pimp your ride” or disguise it, the sillier the better, it's part of the competition. If your car feels the need to break down, please note that we have a limited recovery facility, so make sure your cars are well serviced, and that you've got a tank full of the right fuel.

So you are now wondering why only there are only 2 days of rally and visits when it's a 3 day event ? There will be 2 days of driving and one day spent wandering around the base camp that we will establish around the last site of the rally. This last day will give you time not only to visit the less well-known places of interest, but also to exchange/buy and sell car parts and purchase regional produce. All in all, a bit of time to relax before heading home.